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Partizan Bucharest won the first edition of Bucharest International Superleague! It defeated B&B in the final

Partizan Bucharest is the great winner of the first edition of Bucharest International Superleague!

With former UEFA Cup players Gigel Coman, Sorin Ghionea and Petre Marin in the field, Partizan Bucharest won the Bucharest International Superleague final played Sunday against the champion of the First South League, B&B, with 5-4, thus awarding the grand prize of 5,000 euros.

Partizan Bucharest started hesitating the tournament, losing its debut in Group A in front of the Liverpool Team, but it recovered, grew up in the game and managed to win the big trophy, even if, during the elimination phases, passed twice through the penalty shootout lottery.

After Friday’s failure in front of “Cormorants”, Partizan Bucharest won on Saturday the matches against Clasic Târgu Jiu and Moldova Agroindbank SA, qualifying in the eights from second position of the Group A.

In Saturday’s eighth match, Partizan Bucharest was led 2-5 by Drobeta-Turnu Severin, but managed to return incredibly in the end and send the game to penalties, where it defeated 3-2.

Sunday began with the quarter final with former First South League and Superleague winner FC Berceni, which Partizan Bucharest boys defeated by 4-2.

In the semifinal, Partizan Bucharest again reached the penalty lottery, this time in front of the Radial Trans Brasov, which passed to 7 meters with 5-4 score, a score repeated in the trophy final against B&B, but this time during the regular game.

In the small final at Bucharest International Superleague, Radial Trans Brasov beated ATVROM with 4-2.

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